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  • Overview 

The University of Science and Culture (affiliated to ACECR), by over three decades of educational, research, cultural and entrepreneurial experience, moves in line with the top-ranked global universities towards entrepreneurship and innovation with the aim of training and providing a part of the specialized forces needed by the society. USC attempts to play a more important role in modern education, employment, technological development, creation of social and cultural values and innovation in collaboration with specialized research institutes and centers as an entrepreneurial university.

  • Outlook

Considering the process of globalization of economics and knowledge, and in line with international changes, the University of Science and Culture intends to define its strategic plan in a way match the international standards to be credited globally. Therefore, being recognized as one of the top three entrepreneurial universities in Iran and ranking below 1000 in the world is the main outlook of this university.

  • Objectives

- Creating new and interdisciplinary majors tailored to the needs of society

- Developing of knowledge-based companies, identification and explanation of social issues and harmonizing education and research to solve the issues

- Completing the knowledge-based entrepreneurship cycle with an emphasis on graduate students

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• Research and technology services

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• Infrastructural and welfare services


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