University of Science and Culture Key International Activities
Code : 32 | 2019-12-30 | News

Organizing International Sustainable Ecotourism Symposium, facilitating 6 Specialized Workshops in English and German, holding Exhibition of Foreign Students "Culture of Nations", "Erasmus Plus Scholarship Receipt", getting Foreign Student Acquisition Permit from Ministry of Science and Dispatching 10 faculty members and 14 Ph.D. students to Austrian University are among the international flagship activities of the University of Science and Culture

USC PR: Parvaneh Parchekani - Head of the Scientific and International Cooperation Office of the University said: "The University of Science and Culture is affiliated with the ACECR, that despite the current international environment has attempted to develop it’s international activities in educational and research fields. Which has had a relatively successful career over the past year.

She added: Cooperation with Embassies of different countries, including Embassy of Austria, France, Germany, Nepal, Portugal, Malaysia, Republic of Azerbaijan and ... is on the agenda of the Office of Scientific and International Cooperation. And, according to regulations of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Austria has been selected as one of our  scientific partners. Also, various scientific MOUs has been signed with other countries.

Parchekani emphasized: holding the international Sustainable Ecotourism Symposium in cooperation with the Austrian embassy and Cultural Section of the Embassy, as well as the Austrian University academic Staff, the European Union's Nature Fund, Austrian Ministry of Tourism officials. Also, participation of 18 professionals From Europe and more than 50 students from different countries gave the event a truly international flavor that had its own national values.

The head of the Office of Scientific and International Cooperation added: in addition to foreign experts, academics and domestic experts also welcomed this international scientific-cultural event. Also, on the sidelines of the symposium a memorandum of cooperation was signed by representatives of the Iranian Ministry of Tourism and the Austrian Ministry of Tourism.

Parchekani said that during the symposium, the "Culture of Nations" exhibition was held with the participation of international students from 22 countries who’s studying in Iran, most of whom participated in specialized workshops and symposiums in German, English, and Persian.

She added that the horizon of the university's scientific and cultural activities has been defined in terms of attracting foreign students from other countries and continuing international educational-research activities for years to come.

Parchekani emphasized: the University of Science and Culture's Key International Activities booklet has been published in  Persian and English.